Is there anyone applying to Motlow or Tennessee Tech Murfreesboro for Spring?

  1. I have applied or am applying to three different schools...Three different entrance exams...Am I crazy for even trying this? Please let me know there are other stressed out pre nursing students out there...I work full time currently and am refreshing my over 5 year a & P online now (wow) plus these exams...Tips or others in a similar situation? I am in Murfreesboro, TN...
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  3. by   Melseal
    I have applied for motlow. I'm currently taking my second semester there. I took my hesi last Monday. Have you taken yours? I have only applied for the one program, I live close to Manchester. . Good luck!
  4. by   Melseal
    I would take the last school choice test first. I think the experience of taking the test will help you prepare for the #1 school choice test. Have you ever been to motlow? I really like it, though the McMinnville campus is the best. Love it there. (my first semester was there, currently I'm in Lynchburg)
  5. by   Soccer wolf 30
    I took my hesi last week too! Ttc murfreesboro (compass test) Friday! Then I sit and wait lol. I am refreshing my a and p online thru rodp at Motlow. I love lynchburgs campus! Hope u did well! I haven't been to McMinnville campus but good to meet another applicant for Motlow... Keep in touch and let me know if you hear anything good Ps if u need to vent; I have an open ear may need it myself
  6. by   Melseal
    What other school are you applying to? Does TT in Murfreesboro have an rn program? How do you like the rodp a&p? I am considering taking micro rodp this summer, it is going to be hard to get in to the classroom class. How did you do on your hesi? You are welcome to email me if you have any questions or need anything. jes@att.netMelanie
  7. by   Soccer wolf 30
    Vande and Motlow and ttc murf...lpn
  8. by   Soccer wolf 30
    89.2 on hesi. How did you do? I took the tests as the app dates came open. Lpn cheap and fast and more experience...Any news or meYour email did not work
  9. by   Melseal
    I made a 93-- emailing u.
  10. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to TN nursing programs forum.
  11. by   lovenursing12
    I also applied to Motlow. Did you apply for the LPN transition or start in the fall?
  12. by   Soccer wolf 30
    I applied for the fall. Only letter or email not back. Got my other two letters.
  13. by   Laura85235
    Did you get accepted into the Motlow Nursing program? for fall '12
  14. by   timeforsummer
    has motlow sent out acceptance letters for fall 2012?

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