Is there anyone applying to Motlow or Tennessee Tech Murfreesboro for Spring? - page 3

I have applied or am applying to three different schools...Three different entrance exams...Am I crazy for even trying this? Please let me know there are other stressed out pre nursing students out... Read More

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    I'll be at the Smyrna campus, but I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the class at orientation in Moore County on June 1. See you then!

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    I got in as well! I will be at the Smyrna Campus. Can not wait to meet you all!
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    Way to go, Lauren! I'm so excited . . . looking forward to meeting you and June (and studying with you for the next couple years!)
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    What is your name? We will have many long days and nights together lol. Three of my friends also got into the smyrna campus
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    Hi, Lauren! Would you like to send me a private message. Maybe we could exchange email addresses? Thanks!
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    It will not let me send private messages for some reason... My email is
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    I am applying for the Fall LPN program (grad Aug '13) at TTC in Murfreesboro. Compass is done, just getting all my other stuff together to turn in this month!

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