is that hard to find nusing jobs in TN?

  1. I read a survey online and kind of sad, coz it seems not many working opportunities in TN, and compare with other states , it is kind of low payment state too, is there anybody who can tell me that if it is true or not.
    I spend so much time and energy to get RN license , if there is no job chances ,it will be really sucks. I really need some motivations.
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  3. by   happyNicole
    Who can tell me that if it is hard to find nurse jobs in TN? It seems not many hospitals and heath care centers there? I need some advices ,thanks
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from anniedream
    it is kind of low payment state too, is there anybody who can tell me that if it is true or not.
    Although I have no firsthand knowledge of the nursing job market in Tennessee, the nursing wages there are lower than the national average because the cost of living there is fairly low.

    Low wage state = Low cost of living

    High wage state = High cost of living
  5. by   happyNicole
    thanks for the news, and I read something about the low payment too. but at least hope there is some nurse working opportunities. I am so sad about this searching, my family plans to move to TN from FL.
  6. by   HarryTheCat
    What part of Tennessee are you considering, and are you a BSN or an ADN? There is a fairly tight RN job market in some of the larger cities in Tennessee, and the hospital market that does exist is pretty much looking for BSNs with experience. There are a number of universities, particularly in the Middle Tennessee region, turning out lots of new BSN grads every year, and the competition for new grad jobs can be fierce. It's true that pay scales are lower than in some other places, but the cost of living is lower than the national average, and, like Florida, there is no state income tax.
  7. by   happyNicole
    thanks harrythecat's information, we plan to relocate in TN, probably in Knoxville, I am BSN and no experience, I think the future job hunting is pretty tough.