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I have been offered a position at Johnson City Medical Center and would like to get some feedback from nurses who work there or know something about this facility. I am planning on leaving Dallas and Group One :yeah: and it seems... Read More

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    Back before I became a nurse, I had a GI bleed (I think ecoli poisoning) the ER gave me IVF and sent me home (well I was visiting from out of town, so to the hotel) Thankfully it stopped on it's own in about 48 hours. I don't know if it's because I didn't have insurance at the time, but I can't imagine not admitting a pt at least for obs who was passing large amounts of frank blood with severe abdominal pain.
    This was about 10 yrs ago though before they became magnet..hopefully it's better now!

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    xdriggs........Just was wondering if you have moved yet? Would be interested in hearing an update.
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    Yes I moved here a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE the area. The people in the town are very nice. I just completed my first week at the hospital. Haven't started working on the unit yet but have met some of the staff. Can't give an opinion on the hospital as it is too early.
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    Great! Glad you like the area.
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    I would strongly consider the VA. It takes forever to get on, but it is well worth it.

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