In Memphis, where do you suggest taking micro-Univ of Mem/Southwest?

  1. Hello All,

    Can anyone please help me decide, I really would like to take all my pre reqs for nursing at the same school(not that it matters but just to avoid transferring and dealing with that stuff) so Im currently taking some of my pre-reqs at Memphis and I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on whether I should take it at Memphis or at Southwest? I really want to do well in the course (I need an A but will take a B) Everyone tells me that the instructors who teach it at Memphis are not good and go to southwest. Im not expecting it to be easy but I want to make sure I am not going to have to repeat anything and want to understand the material too, especially since I plan to apply for nursing school by February. Also while taking Micro I must add I will be taking A&P 2 at the same time(at Memphis though) Please tell me your thoughts and if you had any personal experiences.

    Thank you sooo much
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  3. by   mmartin94
    I have been hearing the same thing
  4. by   violettn
    I took micro at Southwest and had a great experience. It's not an easy class by any means, but our class size was pretty small (about 20 students- I took it in the summer) and the teacher was great- very one-on-one. I don't know about U of M, but I would recommend Southwest.
  5. by   Maddie's mommy
    I recommend Southwest. The classes are smaller, it's easier to get your questions answered, and the teacher really seem to care about the students succeeding. I just don't recommend taking Dr. ****** because she is just too easy and you feel like you really didn't learn anything.
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  6. by   Vivienne1
    There is a teacher at Southwest who teaches Microbiology and is amazing. It is a great deal of work no matter what but her name is ***** ******. I recommend her highly. I also recommend a teacher named * ******* (or something like that). His personality is a little abrasive, but, he is fair and an amazing A&P teacher. I received A's in all of those classes but, it WAS work.
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  8. by   crzychelz
    I'm a student at UofM right now and here is what I can tell you from experience.
    A&P is kinda tough, but really it is stuff you need to know. I'm not a super study-er and I made it out with a B in A&P I and a A in A&P II. So taking it at Memphis was great.
    Micro is an entirely different story. Take it at Southwest if you can. There are only two instructors for it at Memphis and there is a bit of a language barrier...
    Save your time and money and take Micro at Southwest.