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Hi there! Wondering if anyone is planning to apply to ETSU's summer 2012 ABSN cohort, or if there is anyone who has already enrolled in this program and would like to share their experiences? I'm planning to apply this... Read More

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    Has anyone heard anything from ETSU about the ABSN yet? I'm really nervous about getting in. My GPA is only 3.5 but I did well on the TEAS. I hope it's enough to make a difference!

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    I think they mail out acceptance/denial letters at the end of February or beginning of March. Should be any day now... Good luck!
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    My GPA was a 3.2 with a 4.0 in all prerequisites. I did fairly well on the TEAS as well. I received my acceptance letter on March 10 as they did not get mailed out until March 8. I was accepted into the Traditional program starting this August.

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