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Does anyone know the starting pay for a new graduate RN of the major hospitals in Nashville? I will graduate with my BSN in May, and was just wondering. :) I heard that Vandy starts at 19.50/hr,... Read More

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    what unit do u work in at st thomas TNGIRL2010?

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    well that's not what i've heard from nurses who came from st thomas one 5 yrs and the other 25yrs bc of the pay difference and plus i know cause i work there and have friends who work at st thomas. also maybe that .50-1.00 makes a diffence to someone to live off of and to do things they've always wanted to do.
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    That's kinda of my point. If money is important to you, then by all means, chase that extra $2K/yr at Whatever medical center. I think you'll find though, that eventually, happiness and culture are far more important than the $2K.

    Vandy has a "non-healing" sore that some folks just cannot live with...parking! I went from riding a shuttle to and from my car, taking nearly 20-30" each way, to just simply walking out the door to my car (<2") and my parking fees dropped from $30/mos to $7. St Thomas is similar, no shuttle, simple walk to your car, sweet.

    Also, headaches to some are the constant turn-over in residents, nursing students and allied health learning. Vandy is also a Level I trauma center, a *prime* Medicare/Medicaid acceptor, the leading philanthropist in the southern region, noting:

    Vanderbilt will provide more than $274 million in uncompensated and charity care to members of the community unable to pay for their own care. It is the largest provider in the region under the state's Medicaid program for the poor and uninsured, TennCare.
    When you stop and consider all of this, include the "perks" discounts program and their awesome 403b program (to which I am still benefiting from today, after 10 years), it really comes down to your personal preferences. If I had no kids, and no desire to go back to school, then other hospitals would be far more attractive, including STT. I believe they all strive to be competitive, but in reality, no one can compete against the university benefits. Good luck!
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    Quote from Vandy1
    what unit do u work in at st thomas TNGIRL2010?

    I will be working on 7A.

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