Cumberland University Summer 2013 nursing students

  1. 1 Just wondering if there is anyone one else out there that will be starting Cumberland University's nursing program this summer? I have been accepted and I am super excited to be starting in May!
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    I am going to the information session next week at cumberland university, I am hoping to apply. Can anyone tell me how the entrance test was and what I should know?
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    They have a Kaplan review book you can buy at the bookstore. As long as you meet the minimum requirements of the program you are automatically accepted. If I could afford it I would go there.
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    Thank you, I'm really excited about attending there. I'm a little nervous about the math portion on the Kaplan test. I hope that I can get in.
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    Has anyone attended Cumberland University at the Mt.Juliet campus?
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    I started a thread about it earlier today but I have not seen any responses yet. I called Beth earlier today and she said they only accept 25 people into the program. The start dates are the same as the regular campus.
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