Cumberland University-Fall 2011

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    I just received my acceptance letter Saturday for Cumberland University's BSN program, I will be attending the traditional day classes at the Lebanon campus. I am super nervous about the "unknown," but more excited than anything. Are there any other CU fall nursing students on this forum, or any graduates of the program who can offer any inside information? Thanks!

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    Congratulations!!!! I also got my letter on Saturday to attend for the Fall. I was suppose to start in the Spring of 2012, but I got in for Fall. Have you already taken all of you required classes?
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    Congratulations 2 you both! I applied for Fall 2011 Mt. Juliet site, and I was wondering if either of you knew of anyone who has received an acceptance letter for the night weekend program? I just want to know if I should keep checking my mailbox or not:-( I live in Murfreesboro, so I'm wondering how long a letter would take to get to me if I got accepted.
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    @Starla, Congrats to you, too! I have my second Spanish and college Algebra left to take, I wanted to take the CLEP test and get out of Algebra, but I need to be "full-time" to get my grant money.

    @CUbsnHopeful, I do not know anyone attending or trying to attend the MJ campus, but I would imagine they would send you a letter regardless of acceptance. How were your GPA/HESI scores? From what I have heard, CU has a pretty high acceptance rate, so I would still be optimistic! You could always call the admissions department, they can access your record and let you know, and they usually do it on the spot, instead of having to wait on a return call or email from the nursing deptartment! Did either of you apply for endowed scholarships? If so, have you heard anything?
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    @MamaLinds when I was accepted to the University my transfer eval said my cumlative gpa was 3.1 and transfer gpa 3.4 and my HESI score was a 89% I am trying to stay hopeful. I want this so much!
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    I did not apply for scholarships but I plan to do so for the spring. Also, the only prereq I have left is intro to nursing, hopefully that is a good sign since you @MamaLinds were accepted with two classes left to take. What were you gpa and hesi scores?
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    I know the requirements for the Lebanon campus are different than the MJ site, Lebanon allows you to enter into the program with less than 10 credit hours of pre-reqs left, but I think MJ requires you to have completed all of your pre-reqs. However, I don't think Intro to Nursing is a pre-req, I was under the impression that the Intro class is part of the first semester of the program. My cumulative GPA is a 4.0, and my HESI scores ranged from 89-97%, I am unsure of what my official average was, though.
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    Wow that is really great MamaLinds! Maybe I should've applied to the Lebanon site instead of mt. Juliet. Idk but I think you're right about intro to nursing being apart of the program. One of my co workers is in the program and she said her classmates in the mj site still had statistics and nutrition to take and got in. Maybe I just need to be patient.
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    They actually have nutrition and statistics factored into two of the semesters, maybe the second and third? I took statistics at NSCC, but haven't had Nutrition yet.
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    @MommaLinds, I have not applied for any grants at CU yet. I was hoping on the registration day I would be able to do all that. I have tried to get in touch with the SON and admissions to ask about the class days and time. I might need to change my Micro class. I have already the nutrition and stats, micro is the only one left. Where are you from? Are you close to CU?
    @CUbsnHopeful, when did you take your HESI? I would think you would hear something soon. I agree with MommaLinds I would try to call them or email. I can never get anyone on the phone.

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