CPR recert courses in West TN??

  1. My CPR card has expired and I am looking for a place to renew it ASAP.
    My employer has offered it a total of zero times in the past 18 months so I do not expect a class there any time soon.
    I took the online cognitive portion from American Heart, but I have had no luck finding anyone to do the skills checkoff to complete the renewal. I started looking for a traditional class again through the AHA website and can find none listed in the near future for Memphis or the general area of West TN.

    Does anyone know of a place that offers BLS for healthcare providers on a fairly regular basis in W. TN...Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg?? From the looks of the AHA website class finder the Middle TN area has no shortage of them, but hopefully it wont come down to that
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Call Jackson General. They might be able to refer you to local providers that would be willing to help you out.
  4. by   Caffeinated
    I found someone to do the checkoff this afternoon and it ended up being quick and simple once I found the magic phone number.
  5. by   newcrna
    Call Heart to Heart CPR, they cover Tn, based in West TN 901-451 9194
  6. by   TNRESCUER
    Two Nurses & A Manikin CPR 282-5799

    You are in and out of that place like the wind, very nice people. Tricky to find the place, but its the easiset place to use.