Compass Test Monday........YIKES!

  1. This is not a post, more like a prayer from all the future and present nurses on this site. I will be taking the compass test for Lpn school next monday. I only need to complete one part the reading. I just want everyone to pray that I past this test and get into this program. I want and have always wanted to become a nurse so bad.
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  3. by   Live2Heal
    I know that you posted this in January. But I was just wondering how well you did. I go to take my class on Nov. 11th. So it won't be long. I am a little nervous.
  4. by   pcarter2324
    It wasnt that bad make sure, I passed the math the first time with a 72 and I am terrible in math. You only need a 50 in math. The math consists of of adding, subteacting dividing and multiplying fractions. There are a lot of percent questions and basic algebra and a few basic math questions. The reading on the other hand I had to take twice, you need an 80 to pass it and its just long and I do mean long paragraphs and you go back in and fill in the blanks. Good Luck to you I am now in my second week of the program and liking it so far. If you need anything else just send me a message.