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Chattanooga State RN Fall 2012 Hopefuls? - page 5

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is applying to get into the RN program at Chattanooga State in 2012. I'm finishing up the pre-requisites this fall. I am really hoping to get in next... Read More

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    If I completed all pre-req's last year, have a 3.8 GPA, and a total points of 87, do I have a chance of being accepted for fall 2012?
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    Yes you do! The minimum points accepted (this is excluding the waiting alternates of 20) was 86.25. I think you will get in.
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    I got my acceptance letter today. They accepted 124 students out of 445 with 9 standby. Minimum points were 86.55.
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    Just got my letter!!! I was accepted... Good luck to you all!!!
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    Oh wow! I didn't think letters were going in the mail until today. Now my heart is pounding and my mail doesn't run until 2:30 or 3:00.
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    I got in Woot!!!!
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    YEAH!!! So happy for you...and me! lol
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    I got in too! Congratulations and welcime to the Class of 2014 Chattanooga State R.N. program!
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    So has anybody received a reject letter?
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    I just got my letter of acceptance this morning! The cutoff was 86.55. So happy!
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    I made it in too! Yay! Congrats to all those that made it- class of 2014
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    Yup, reject letter over here. Congrats everybody!!! I'm off to finish my pre-reqs and hopefully make it fall '13

    They sent in information on the other programs that were still accepting applications for fall '12 and then information for applying again in fall '13.
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    Man! I haven't received ANY kind of letter yet... what does THAT mean!? I live in Chattanooga, so the mail shouldn't take longer!!