Chattanooga State RN Fall 2012 Hopefuls? - page 4

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is applying to get into the RN program at Chattanooga State in 2012. I'm finishing up the pre-requisites this fall. I am really hoping to get in next fall! Anyway, I wanted to start... Read More

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    I'm gonna look you up...I will send a friend request in the next few minutes...

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    If you can't find me (i've been told I am difficult to find) then you can find me on the friends list at Chatt State facebook page.
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    I can't find you on Facebook... Is your account listed under Rachael Farris or something a little different?
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    Maybe it would be better if I found you instead?
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    Please post if/when you get notification letters...I'm assuming we will get a letter either way. Hope to hear good news from each of you
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    I can believe that the letters have been sent out!! Im so excited! Anybody taking any classes over the summer? Im taking A&P2 and nutrition
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    I hope I get in!
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    I hope I get in too! I will post either way when I get my letter. Goodluck everyone.
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    I'm taking A&P II and some other fill-in classes this Summer, then Micro next Summer. I only have to complete A&P II and Micro to fulfill the program requirements, but I'm taking some extras just so I will have a full class load. ******* ******** is teaching the lecture portion of the full-length Summer program, and ***** ****** and ******** ********** are each teaching a lab. Do any of you know anything about either of these ladies? I have ******** for A&P I lecture right now, so I know what to expect from him.
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    I haven't heard about any of those teachers but you can find out a a lot about teachers on

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