Chattanooga State Nursing Program

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    I am trying to connect with people in the Chattanooga area that are going thru the nursing program at Chattanooga State..Either taking preq's or already in the program..I plan to enroll fall 2011.. Taking preq's now...Just want to meet some people that are going thru some of the same things I am...Hope to talk to you soon!!
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  3. by   dee78
    I will be starting the LPN program at Chatt State in 2 weeks!! I've taken all of my prereqs for the RN program and hope to enter the LPN-RN program in May 2011.

    Good luck with your journey!!
  4. by   grantchatt
    Congrats of finishing the preq's!!! did A&P go??? Any advice??
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  5. by   dee78
    I took A&P1 on campus back in 97, repeated it online in I'm not familiar with those instructors. I took A&P2 in 02 and again last summer, Mobley was my instructor. Micro I took in 01 (can't remember my instructor) and again last summer, online.

    A&P is different for everyone, it truly depends on your learning style and study skills. When I took it in 97, I never studied (except for the final) and I got a C. There were others in my class that studied their butts off for their C. I'm not proud of not studying, I was right out of high school and had never had to study to get As and Bs so it was a bit of a shock for me. You should figure out your learning style...if you are a visual learner then you should get the coloring book. A recorder might help if you are a auditory learner, record the lecture and listen to them in the car, while cooking, etc. There are websites associated with your books that will help as well.
  6. by   grantchatt