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Chattanooga state fall 2012 hopefuls

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone else was out there stressing about waiting to get acceptance letters?! I know the deadline isn't until march 15, but teas deadline is tomorrow so I'm sure most people who are applying for fall 2012 are done. What is everyone's points looking like?
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    Mine are not as good as I hoped due to the way they give points for AP english....I have 79.25 I doubt i'll get in and may not even make the waitlist...
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    Oh ya! Def. stressing about getting in. It's getting close to time for them to start sending out letters, I think. And I'm going nuts. lol I don't know what my points are, but all of my prereqs are done except for 2 that I'm taking now. And they aren't sciences so I'm not too worried abt that. My gpa is good and I was told that my TEAS was as well. But I just don't know. I've heard so many things about people not getting in so I'm pretty worried. Good luck to you, hopefully we both get in and see each other there
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    it seems like this week has drug by! and next week will be even worse. When do they normally send out the letters?
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    heard they sent out the letters March 30---should be here by monday or tuesday so ready to get going
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    I just got my acceptance letter, so watch your mailboxes today! Best of luck to you all!
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    I got my letter yesterday. Woot!