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The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today and will turn it in tomorrow at... Read More

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    i dont even have the words to express how i feel about the readings. having ch 1-3 and 6-9 read already and 10-14 by tuesday for discussion is nuts. im terried mrs. T is going to call on me and i wonbt have a clue what to say.

    mattie im with you on the sleepy feeling that comes over me when i open my book. ill let you know if i find a cure lol

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    and yes it is SO overwelming to look at all the info on PAWS. so im still unclear on whether we do the outcomes or not. and are we supposed to be signed up for my nursing lab by tuesday?
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    ok i figured it all out! what a relief to feel like i know whats going on
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    Must be nice I still don't know what the hell is going on.
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    Freshman, I hope we all get to the point of knowing what is going on, sooner rather than later. I have been working on something all week long, but I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and not accomplishing much. How can that be?
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    I have read and taken/typed notes but I have not studied any of the info yet because I still have more to read!! I tried my nursing lab. But should've studied before attempting (obviously). Those practice tests on there will definitely help with critical thinking. I've done my objectives. I'm overwhelmed so far with all this darn reading.
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    i wont say i know everything but i feel a little accomplished having completed both my tcps orientations and printing all the documents that needed signed and my clinical information for the hospital. i am so behind on reading its insane and im going to do my objectives once i finish my worksheet for dosages. i just think its stupid that we have an assignment do for a class we have never been to! they need to get organized at southwest. if there is anything else we have due then im screwed.

    and now i understand why A students are so grateful when they get a C-. they cant help but be proud of themselves for learning all this information on there own!

    this is going to be quite a semester. im am so thankful for all of you who continue to log on here and give me guidance. if anyone is going to get us through this mess of a program its us
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    do we have to get my nursing lab?

    i registered but just dont have the money right now. im not trying to put another thing on a credit card. i wont use it if we dotn have to get it because i have enough resources to study with and dont like having to many things to refer too. it takes up time and can be conflicting sometimes. i didnt see anything that said we would be doing anything on there for a grade so.......but with everything be so organized and all (not!) i may have missed it.

    just a yes or no will do. THX
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    What is the clinical information we need for the hospital? Also, what the hell is my nursing lab? All I've been doing is reading and working problems in dosages and solutions book. I'm not real good at the math but I'm getting better. I would like to do well on that worksheet, and am not sure what kind of problems are on it. I hope everyone else's weekend is better than mine, gotta get ready for work, more fun.
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    i printed the documents from my methodist online orientation. it has stuff about where we park, badge we need to get from them (i have to ask about this), a form we need to sign, and what we are allowed and not allowed to do as students.

    my nursing lab is that thing the blonde pregnant chic at orientation was talking about.

    ONE TIME ONLY for this first dosages worksheet we have 2 attempts.

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