Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 29

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today and will turn it in tomorrow at... Read More

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    Just looking at the size of the books and reading the syllabus, all of a sudden I have that OH NO what have I done feeling!

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    where did you see the syllabus? i would love to look at it =)
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    If you sign in under PAWS it's in your course content. Since class technically started today your finally able to view all of the courses on your course home. I printed all of the syllabi tonight. WARNING: It is A LOT of paper!! lol.
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    THANK OLIVIA91! im going to look right now.
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    WHOA! the amount of paper is no joke! man am i excited to get started after reading all that stuff. this is what i was born to do!!!!
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    Just making sure I'm not crazy. The syllabus has been removed from paws right? I saw it last night but now I only see the handbook
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    hey tres1208, the dosages one is still on there but yeah they must have removed the one from foundations within the past few hours because i was looking at it today. I dont know why. maybe theyre giving us one in class tomorrow that has specifics about when class assignments are do with dates? who are we to assume what theyre planning. im just gonna roll with it. theres nothing we can do about it now.

    so yeah ur not crazy =)
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    I hope everyone has an AMAZING first day!
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    Quote from Mattie2012
    I hope everyone has an AMAZING first day!
    You too!! And same here!! Good luck to everyone this week!
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    I just looked on PAWS and I can still see the syllabus. So maybe they put it back on?

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