Anyone go to South College in Knoxville for nursing? Anyone go to South College in Knoxville for nursing? | allnurses

Anyone go to South College in Knoxville for nursing?

  1. 0 Did anyone attend South College in Knoxville for their nursing program? Can you give me an idea of what to expect?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I posted on your other thread- be cautious and research them first. They seem very pushy (like they only want your money) and their pass rates are not good.
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    Plus they are so expensive. I'd opt for one of the other programs. Roane State, LMU, etc.
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    I have a friend who took business courses at South College and none of her classes would transfer to UT. South College has quarters instead of semesters, which doesn't transfer to most other colleges.
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    Alos, they lure you in there and when your ready to start your clinicals (after they told you there is no competition or waiting)- you cant start
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    I do know people who have completed the South College program, and are now nurses.

    However, I do think you should consider what everyone else has said. From what I have heard, South College's students do not have a reputation of being prepared for the enourmous job of being an RN. Your credits will never transfer. They are very, very expensive! And, while I was there I got the same impression as brendadoug- they were so pushy, it was like they didn't care what was best for me, but that they were gonna make bank off of me.

    Some good things about South College are, the college is brand new, the program goes fast, because of the quarters, and when and if you finish you will be an RN. You just need to do what is best for you. South College may be a perfect fit for you.

    Good luck in whatever you do!
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    Thank you so much all of you for your help. I have decided to contact Pellissippi state for my prereqs. I have sent off some emails and hope to get a response soon. Once I get more information I will continue to research for nursing courses. I am seriously looking at Roane state.

    Thank you again for your guidance! I need all the help I can get!
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    At Pellissippi you need to talk with Sharon Mcmahon. ( I think that is her name) Anyways, she is WONDERFUL, and will help you with any questions, plus she knows everything there is to know about the area nursing programs. I would def. take all my pre-reqs at PSTCC. It is CHEAP,and most of the teachers a wonderful!

    Good luck, again in whatever you do.
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    ok...I too was looking at the nursing program at South College...I am a bit skeptical just b/c I did not even know they had a nursing program....but since "future nurse" knew some folks that finished their program I was just curious as to how they did on their NCLEX and whether or not they are currently working and if they felt it was a good choice for them.....I know lots of questions

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    They suck dont they- i think it is about 67%, I looked that up too
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    OUCH! 67% is really awful.....I am surprised they can keep their nursing program.....
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    Hi Heather,

    I have decided to begin my pre nursing courses at Roane State. Hopefully once I finish those I will be able to attend the nursing program there to get my associates in nursing.

    When I told the person I was dealing with at South College my reasons for persuing other avenues she got very defensive and said I had been misled. My only response is "can so many people be wrong?"

    I also looked into Pellissippi. The only reason I decided to go with Roane is so that I could just try and do everything at one place. Lazy maybe?! LOL
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    that sounds like a plan...I wish you all the best!! I am also looking at LMU, TWC, and Cleveland State CC; we live in Athens but I would commute to Knoxville.

    I still plan to visit the campus at South College, with my eyes wide open of course. After so many negative posts I agree with you when you say how can so many people be wrong

    I would like to start as early as January so that is what makes South College so attractive. But it also wouldn't be worth my time, money, and effort if they have a bad reputation.

    Thanks for your response and take care