Anyone apply for UT's Direct Entry MSN?

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    I turned in my application yesterday for UT's direct entry MSN program for non-nurses with a bachelor's degree. Anyone else apply? I'm currently at Baptist, but the wait time for clinicals is forever, so I'm exploring other options.
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    Did you get in? Do you like it? I am assuming this is a top notch program and will be highly competitive to get in... Does anyone have any information on admissions... class size? stats?
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    Yes, I got in. We are in the second week of our second session. It was pretty competitive to get in, we started with 70 people and about five have already dropped out. It's very intense and demanding, but I'm learning a lot. It is my full time job now and I spend the majority of every day-including weekends- studying.
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    AWESOME! Congrats on getting in! I need to work a part-time to cover my living expenses or I will have to take out loans for that too... Are there people who work part-time? I was thinking about some of the nursing tech/intern/extern positions? Do you think it would be feasible to work about 10-20/hrs a week?

    What are your days like?

    THANKS for the info!
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    A couple of people are working part time, but they are quitting soon and they are only working one or two days a week. They really don't encourage working, and I don't know how you could work 10-20 hours a week and still do well in the program. This session we are only in actual class about 2 days a week, but there is a ton of studying and outside of class work to do.
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    Do you guys meet on-campus for group study sessions on off days pr are you in clinicals the rest of the time? Also, I heard a rumor that UTs pass rates of the boards aren't very good...Do you know anything about that or what they are?

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    I'm guesing you guys are talking about UT-Memphis because I thought UT-Knoxville due to budget cuts had to do away with their directory entry MSN.
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    Yes, We are talking about UTMEM
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    Thanks, I was hoping maybe something came through for Knox I was unaware of :-)

    P.S. Looking at my last msg. I am the queen of typos today.
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    Hi there I just got the call today from UT Memphis to interview for their Masters-CNL program. I am very excited about it and just wanted to ask you a few questions. Once you get to the interviewing stage, are you still competing to get in? Or are they just finalizing the last steps of your acceptance into the program? Is the interview a high pressure, panel discussion... or is it a more laid back "get to know you" meeting? Thanks for you time!

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