Any Chattanooga State Nursing Hopefuls Here?? (2013 Night Program) - page 2

Hey! I plan to try to get into the 2013 night program and just trying to see if any one is on here for me to chat with about 2013 nightssss! Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    Does anyone know when we start finding out? Beginning of April?
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    Hi everyone,

    I've applied for the Day Nursing Fall 2013 class. I applied last year too and didn't get in (pts ~ 81.5). My rejection letter was dated March 30th and postmarked April 3rd.

    I feel pretty good about my chances this year.
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    I am applying for Night 2013 program. Nursing points 90.9, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe some of us will be fellow classmates soon Good luck to you all!
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    I have 94.4 this time... so I hope I get in this year! It would be pure craziness not to be accepted!
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    excited to find out who all got in!!
    post as u get ur letters!
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    Ok ladies! I just got an acceptance letter today and the points scale for the day program was 85.5-98.4 and for night it was 81.0-96.2.
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    I got my letter too, i got in! night program here i come!
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    I'm in the Day Program! Hooray for y'all!
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    I got my letter one Saturday! Got in the day program! =)
    congrats to everyone!!
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    Got my letter...Im in night! Would should plan a meet and greet before the program starts. Dinner and drinks
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    I'm in the Day Program too. Does anyone know the pros and cons of the difference schedules?
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    The only difference in the scheduling was Thursday or Friday. I think it's more of a personal preference. I requested the Friday schedule. I am not used to being up early so maybe having a day between each day will help! I also have a part time job (I make my own hours), but it is easier for me to work shorter hours on Friday.
    I was nervous/excited about starting the program! Does anybody know any of the things we need to go ahead and buy/do? Does chattstate require a specific stethoscope?
    My cousin was in the program a few years ago, and she recommended getting a head start on drug calculations. She said a lot of people in her class (including her) used the book Medical Dosage Calculations for Dummies. She said it was a great book, and helped them all out a whole lot!
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    Yay, I was accepted to the Night Program, too! Congrats to everybody!

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