Any Chattanooga State Nursing Hopefuls Here?? (2013 Night Program) - page 2

Hey! I plan to try to get into the 2013 night program and just trying to see if any one is on here for me to chat with about 2013 nightssss! Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    I am a hopeful for 2013 Day for RN!

    excited/nervous.. The point range last year was 86.55-98.75.. I'm somewhere in the mix of that so hopefully...
    Hopefully all of you are just excited as well, but not nervous lol!

    Good luck to you all!

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    I am also applying for the 2013 night program, but am nervous because i am right at the end of the points scale. I have 88.7 points right now. The only way I can up that is to retake the TEAS, which is now $55. Also, does anyone know if it is harder or easier to get into the night program. I would hate it to not have enough points to get into the night program but have enough to get into the day program. I would give up this job of mine to be in the day program if it came down to it!
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    Hello! I am an RN Day Program hopeful. Glad to see others on here!
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    Does anyone know when we start finding out? Beginning of April?
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    Hi everyone,

    I've applied for the Day Nursing Fall 2013 class. I applied last year too and didn't get in (pts ~ 81.5). My rejection letter was dated March 30th and postmarked April 3rd.

    I feel pretty good about my chances this year.
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    I am applying for Night 2013 program. Nursing points 90.9, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe some of us will be fellow classmates soon Good luck to you all!
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    I have 94.4 this time... so I hope I get in this year! It would be pure craziness not to be accepted!
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    excited to find out who all got in!!
    post as u get ur letters!
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    Ok ladies! I just got an acceptance letter today and the points scale for the day program was 85.5-98.4 and for night it was 81.0-96.2.
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    I got my letter too, i got in! night program here i come!
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