Any Chattanooga State RN hopefuls for 2011?

  1. 1 I was just wondering if there was anyone on here who has applied to Chattanooga State RN program for the fall of 2011... thought we might be able to chat and discuss and unload any worries
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    I applied and I am super anxious! I don't know what to expect!
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    Greetings from West TN! If chatt state is anything like jackson state I'm sure your going against about 300 people for about 90 spots. The good news is if you are picked as an alternate quite a few people fail their drug test and/or background checks. I chose to transfer to Union University where they don't have a application process for the nursing school. Once you complete your pre-reqs you just apply to transition into the clinical program! It is alot less stressful and I will have a BSN instead of an ASN and it will only take me 1 semester longer than Jax state would have. So if you have the ability to move look into union if you aren't accepted into chatt state. Yes it is a private university but they throw money at you so you come to their school.
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    How far away is Union from Chattanooga?
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    I applied, anyone know about when we would know if we were accepted or not?
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    I sent in my application to Chatt State, and i took my teas today! So ready to find out if I got in!! lol
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    We should here back at the end of this month!!!
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    I can't wait to find out! How do you think they will notify us if we got in or not?
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    I believe they send us a letter telling us where we got in or not.
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    Hope we find out soon! I've got some decisions to make either way...
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    I know me too!! I was hoping it would be in the mail today, but nothing there! Hopefully tomorrow?!?!
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    I called chattanooga state today and they said they will be sending out letters next week!!! I don't think I can wait any longer!
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    Thanks for finding out, and letting us know! The waiting makes it seem like forever!

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