2012 Nurse Residency Program at Vanderbilt

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    I am applying to the nurse residency program winter 2012 at Vanderbilt. Is anybody else applying??
    Last edit by rlt0006 on Aug 3, '11

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    Hi rlt0006!

    I am also applying to the Nurse Residency Program at Vanderbilt. Which track are you going for?
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    I am applying to the Pediatric Track. What about you?
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    I am applying for the Adult Medicine track.
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    Are you currently a RN or student? Have you heard if a lot of people apply for Winter?
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    I'm an RN. I graduated in May 2011 and have been searching for jobs with not much luck. I haven't heard of a lot of people but I do know that it is competitive so there will probably be quite a few people applying. How about you? RN or student?
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    I am a student.I will be graduating this Dec.
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    Hey I am applying too.. graduated in May 2011 but again having a little trouble finding a job. I am applying for adult critical care!
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    beth bsn, rn thank you and goodluck!
    smb84 goodluck! i wish you guys the best!

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