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I am applying to the nurse residency program winter 2012 at Vanderbilt. Is anybody else applying??:D... Read More

  1. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hi Nervouswreck11!

    Congratulations on the job offer. Hopefully we'll hear something soon regarding interviews. Which hospital is it with?
  2. by   smb84
    I am curious too as to where you were hired, nervouswreck. I have been trying so so hard to get a job in Nashville with absolutely no luck could be that I am from wayy out of state but I don't know...
  3. by   nervouswreck11
    It is with Baptist Hospital!! Not my ideal type of floor but it will definitely do if nothing else comes through!!
  4. by   nervouswreck11
    Your best bet would be to call up the manager directly rather than calling HR and talking to them. The hospital had an "interview day" today with HR. Another one of my classmates also got hired on the spot. They were having about 3-6 people come in each hour to interview for different positions that they applied for.
  5. by   smb84
    wow well congrats and thanks for the tip! i will get to nashville one way or another.. lol
  6. by   MathisRN
    I applied for the Vandy Residency 2012 program too, and I have also been applying to jobs in Nashville with no luck. Over 50 maybe 60 applications and not a single call back. Even after I call and leave a message asking if they need anything else from me, still no word.

    Any advice?
  7. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hi MathisRN!

    Just keep applying. I've heard from a lot of new graduates that it isn't uncommon to go a whole year before landing their first job as an RN. The economy definitely doesn't help but we can't give up. We have worked too hard to graduate and receive our license to just give up. I hope this helps. It's hard all over and in every profession to get a job right now.
  8. by   nervouswreck11
    Just be persistent and get your name out there by calling and talking to hr and managers. A couple of other new grads I know also got hired over the last week at Baptist and several others have upcoming interviews there. Williamson Medical Center has a new grad program and usually takes in the techs that work there and they don't take any "external" applicants. I talked to hr there and they will not hire any new grads until spring, if it isn't already filled by people already working there as techs. I talked to hr at Centennial Medical Center and they won't be taking in any more new grads for a couple of months. Saint Thomas is currently on a hiring freeze an laid off a whole bunch of people a couple of weeks ago. It's been tough funding a job. I worked at Vanderbilt as an extern at the Children's Hospital and am really hoping that will help me get an interview. I'm a peds nurse at heart so I know that's where I want to be!
  9. by   nervouswreck11
    Sorry for all the mistakes!! :/ Typing on an IPhone always screws you up somehow.
    And**, finding**
  10. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hey everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone had heard anything from Vanderbilt regarding the next steps? I'm so nervous!
  11. by   nervouswreck11
    I just received an email but it just explained how many people applied etc. Nothing else. :/
  12. by   AScottRN11
    This is the second cohort I have applied for since I am under 6 mo. experience. This time I'm a little bit closer than the first. Just got an e-mail that I am on the interview wait list. Better than no chance at all but not getting my hopes up.
  13. by   rlt0006
    Quote from nervouswreck11
    I just received an email but it just explained how many people applied etc. Nothing else. :/
    I received that email too.does that mean we weren't selected?