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I am applying to the nurse residency program winter 2012 at Vanderbilt. Is anybody else applying??:D... Read More

  1. by   jeyre1847
    Quote from nervouswreck11
    I have contacted most of the hospitals in Nashville hired their "New Grads" during the summer. The hospitals ARE in need of nurses but are staying away from hiring new grads.
    Well, now, that sucks for the rest of the new grads who didn't get hired during the summer. Bleh. Seems to be the story pretty much everywhere.
  2. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hi everyone!

    I am excited and very nervous now. I mailed my application package finally. I kept working on my letter of intent and I think it finally sounds just right. I hope everyone is doing well and good luck. I'm hoping we all get interviews.
  3. by   smb84
    I finally got all my stuff together too. I will get to drop it off at Vanderbilt while I'm in Nashville this weekend
  4. by   Keeva
    I just sent my packet in today via FedEx. I decided to go for it at the last minute. I applied to the pediatric track and I know it's really competitive, but I figure that I have nothing to lose. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   Heyou
    Quote from jeyre1847

    Also, where is everyone from? I'm kind of far away, and I hope that doesn't deter them choosing me if it's mostly local applicants or grads from that school. It seems like a really good program!

    I just sent in my application this week just in time for the deadline. I overnighted from Alaska!

    I have been really excited about applying to this program for the past few weeks. But then I heard the starting pay is actually less than what I make now, as a CNA. Why did I go back to school again? I think the experience would be worth it, though.
  6. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to wish everyone good luck! I am so nervous and I can't wait until the end of September. I just want to know if I got an interview or not. It would be a dream come true for me.
  7. by   smb84
    I am really anxious too now!! I want this so so bad.. it really would be amazing. But good luck everyone!!!
  8. by   nervouswreck11
    I hand delivered mine today!! Gosh I am nervous!! Good luck everyone!!
  9. by   Zippy7
    Hi everyone... Does anybody know when they'll start notifying applicants regarding interviews? I want to get in so badly too...
  10. by   Keeva
    Quote from Zippy7
    Hi everyone... Does anybody know when they'll start notifying applicants regarding interviews? I want to get in so badly too...
    The email telling me my packet was received also said that an email would be sent out the last week of September regarding the next steps.
  11. by   nervouswreck11
    I turned mine in the day before the deadline and got an email the next day stating we should hear something within the next week (THIS WEEK!). I am so anxious. I have another interview this week so I am hoping to hear something from Vandy soon!!
  12. by   Beth BSN, RN
    I am very anxious too! I hope to hear some good news soon. The waiting is horrible right now. I hope everyone is having a good day and I'm glad we can support each other through this process.
  13. by   nervouswreck11
    I had an interview at a local hospital here in Nashville today and got offered a position on the spot. I took it just in case things fall through with Vanderbilt, but I keep thinking what if. I wish we would here something from Vanderbilt already!!