2012 Nurse Residency Program at Vanderbilt - page 2

I am applying to the nurse residency program winter 2012 at Vanderbilt. Is anybody else applying??:D... Read More

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    I didn't really think about that but I'll probaby double space it!
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    I don't have work experience because my clinical hours were always changing during school and I was doing 12 hour rotations multiple times a week. As for the letter of intent, I single spaced mine. I was told to make it similar to a cover letter. Hope this helps.
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    Wait yeah you're probably right. I am not thinking at all haha. I did an internship last summer but that's about it.
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    i'm applyinnnnggggg! i think we should all be selected, an allnurses group . good luck to you all! i'm going for adult critical care , this is all very exciting!
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    Hi Pneumothorax!

    Good luck to you!! It is very exciting and very scary at the same time.
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    so they sent me the application thing a do & i didnt realize it was for a january '12 start date..when they said winter..im thinking...fall? sept time frame...

    so ill be contacting them about that, but for all who are applying theres one extra spot avail now that im not applying yet!
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    I am applying to the pediatric track as well. I live in Nashville, TN and I graduated in May of this year but went on a summer long trip...ruined my chances of getting a job (no one will hire new grads anymore). I have most of my stuff together. All that is left to complete is the letter of intent. How is everyone else doing?
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    I feel kind of stupid even asking this.

    I read a lot about it, then I just filled out the application. I know when I was looking earlier I found the forms and a list of things needed to apply. Now I can't seem to find anything. I just did the application, but I know I need stuff for the letter of intent, track choice form, etc. I can't find them anywhere!

    Anyone have any directions on how to find these please?

    Also, where is everyone from? I'm kind of far away, and I hope that doesn't deter them choosing me if it's mostly local applicants or grads from that school. It seems like a really good program!

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    Hello!! I am from Nashville and ACTUALLY they accept MANY more applicants out of state than they do in state. I have heard this from current employees as well as those in the residency. You can get the information you need by emailing the recruiter she will email you right back!! She is great about that!!
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    Hi everyone! I am sorry to bother, but I am a student and was just wondering why you guys thought places were not hiring new grads. Are the jobs there, just not in idea places? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!
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    I have contacted most of the hospitals in Nashville hired their "New Grads" during the summer. The hospitals ARE in need of nurses but are staying away from hiring new grads.
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    Thanks for the information.
    Are the schools not helping in placement anymore?
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    The schools haven't ever really helped with placements. They help with resumes, cover letters, and interview skills but that is about it.

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