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I currently am a RN in Louisville, KY and work as a telephone triage nurse. I am looking to relocate and am having a hard time finding employers whom hire RN's as advice nurses. I was hopeing someone... Read More

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    I HAVE BEEN AN R.N. FOR TWENTY EIGHT YEARS and I have done all types of nursingincluding teaching, management and consulting in most clinical areas...... including PSYCH, HOME HEALTH, AND as a consultant in a LTC with responsibility for advising the DON, DDS, and the MDS COORDINATOR. I HAVE HAD MDS 2.0 training.

    NOW I FIND MYSELF AS A PATIENT.I HAD TO HAVE A HIP REPLACEMENT IN DEC., 2006 (as a result of trauma in an auto accident). As an untoward and totally unpredicted effect, I suffered a stroke. I am struggling with aspects of my physical rehab and am in a wheelchair most of the time.

    I am looking :uhoh21: for a position as either MDS coordinator, TELEPHONE ADVICE NURSE, or other position that I could do from wheelchair or from home.

    any suggestions ??

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    God Bless you. I also had both hips replaced 2006 & 2007 same auto accident when i was 18, now 54. problems getting cna/hha work... doing home care

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