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I am interviewing for a telephone triage position in San Diego. I have 20 years experience, all areas of nursing. Does anyone know what I can expect for an offer?... Read More

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    Originally posted by Shotzie
    If you will note, Snowy L, I didn't post my name, address, telephone number and place of work nor did I give you my exact salary, benefit and bonus amounts.
    I posted some real numbers though that may help someone decide of this type of nursing may be financially workable for them.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with putting some real salary number out there. This is a "niche" position and while you may be able to do salary comparisons on the internet for med-surg nursing or ICU nursing you would be hard pressed to find any on Telephone Triage.
    I think it helps us all to know what others in our field are has certainly helped me decide in the past whether I wanted to stay at one particular hospital or go to another.
    It's just hard for me to know how much other nurses in other places make when it's "a few dollars less than a bedside nurse" (so how much DO they make?) or equal to an ICU nurse (does that nurse get an ICU diff. is she started at a higher pay rate than other nurses?) etc.

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    I'm sure the information you posted will be helpful to someone and they will appreciate your candid post. :kiss
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    I work in a pedi call center in San Antonio, Tx. I make about 19.87/hr for day shift. Evenings is $2.85/hr more. I don't know about the breakdown for the other shift. I think it should be higher, but that is just IMHO!
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    Phoenix Arizona, pay range between 22-32 hr.
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    Check out both Sharp and Kaiser KP on Call in San Diego.
    Salary may be listed under jobs at kaier web site. But remember although your comming in with allot of experience you are still a new Nurse to the system. Kaiser will be higher pay then Sharp. Both are Union
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    We get paid per call. During the summer we make hospital pay. Right now we make money hand over fist.
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    Where do you live and how much is hand over fist?
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    Where ever I worked I made sure it was a unionized hospital! Better Benefits, higher salary, better working conditions, adherence by management to pre agreed upon contract issues. But most important you have a union rep to go into management when they try to screw you!
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    Some of us don't want to say what we are earning and it is a personal question. I make about 2/3rd of what I did as a bedside nurse in critical care. We get no shift differential. Most of us have about 20 years of experience. I will be working from home sometime within the next three months which will be great. It is a series of trade offs. I am satisfied with what I am doing.

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