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I am interviewing for a telephone triage position in San Diego. I have 20 years experience, all areas of nursing. Does anyone know what I can expect for an offer?... Read More

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    Where do you live and how much is hand over fist?
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    Where ever I worked I made sure it was a unionized hospital! Better Benefits, higher salary, better working conditions, adherence by management to pre agreed upon contract issues. But most important you have a union rep to go into management when they try to screw you!
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    Some of us don't want to say what we are earning and it is a personal question. I make about 2/3rd of what I did as a bedside nurse in critical care. We get no shift differential. Most of us have about 20 years of experience. I will be working from home sometime within the next three months which will be great. It is a series of trade offs. I am satisfied with what I am doing.

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