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  1. I am looking into becoming an advice nurse at an outpatient urgent clinic. What is the scope of practice for this? What should I search for in terms of getting my state's scope of practice? I'm in the interview process and am researching the Pros/Cons as a nurse to protect myself.

    The job is stationed at a call center of the company. Any advices will be appreciated.

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  3. by   Dixielee
    You should have written protocols for every situation you will be asked to address. If there is no specific protocol, you should not just wing it. You will always be safe to say, "if you feel like you need to be seen today, then go to the nearest ED". Your employer will have phrases you are to use along that line that will cover you and the employer.

    If you do not have written protocols or you feel that you are being hung out to dry, then do not take that job! It is not worth it. In our ED, we do not give ANY medical information over the phone, because you don't have enough information. More offices are using telephone triage nurses to help direct urgent, non urgent or immediate care issues. I think we will see more and more of this in the future, but do nothing without written protocols.
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  5. by   Genista
    I would ask what kind of training is provided? Do they have standardized protocols in place? What type of documentation is required & how is that stored? Do you have people/resources to consult with for difficult scenarios? Are calls recorded? Even with training & resources, some scenarios can be quite complex and challenging. I would want to know if they have a comprehensive triage system in place, or if you are stepping in there green. Do they do QA on the calls? Just curious about what kind of set up they have there for you to enter into. I posted a link above that seems like has a lot of good info. Good luck.

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