Are there any telecommuting/virtual RN positions?

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    I am curious about finding a telecommuting or virtual nurse job. I have done telephone triage in an MD office in the past but would like to work from home preferably during the night. Does anyone know any companies that hire telephone triage nurses for this type of thing? I am in the Illinois area and have an Illinois and Florida license.

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    I am interested in this also, did you get any replies or leads? thanks, and best wishes in your pursuit.
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    Hello! I actually HAVE 6 years experience as a telephone triage nurse and am looking for a change, looking to perhaps work with another venue for telephonic nursing. I have also 15yrs of critical care nursing experience, open heart unit, telemetry, heart transplant, and now of course the telephone triage experience. Missfishstick
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    I'm not sure what type of telephone/virtual nursing job you're looking for, but I work for an insurance company doing preservice reviews as well as review concurrent hospital stays. I work Monday-Friday 8-5. No weekends, no holidays and the pay is better than my husband's pay and he is a nurse in the local ER. The insurance company won't look at nurse's who apply right out of school, but want nurses who have had experience in different areas of nursing so they will have a good base built in their nursing judgement. There are also case management telephonic nursing jobs. Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas for future opportunities. I have my home office about 6 feet from my bedroom, and work in my sweats!

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  7. 0 did you get this job? I have been trying to find virtual nursing job.
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    I would be interested too. Thank you!
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    I also would be interested. Please share the info
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    if you are willing to relocate to southern california go to following website and i think you will find what u are looking for hope this helps
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    Question to WAHRN59: When you says the insurance companies want experience in different areas, would you please elaborate on the number of years' experience in each different area? For instance, 2 years in med/surg, 2 years in ER, 2 years in Ped's - or would one year (in 5 or 6 different areas) suffice? Thanks for your help..... Just trying to get an idea of experience levels.
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    who do you work for WAHRN59? I have been searching everywhere for something part time from home so I can spend more time with my kids.

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