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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

  1. by   RN2b23
    Good to hear!
    Thankfully my school ONLY wants the scores from Reading and Math! Phew!Given the tough time a lot have written about in this thread on the Science alone, I am grateful.

    Thank you for your well wishes. Did you get your scores back yet?
  2. by   RN2b23
    Congrats Texas_girl!!! you ******* rocked it!!! I know you'll get in, you deserve it.
  3. by   RN2b23
    I sooo did not use profanity ...my word had 2 g's ... but you know what I meant
  4. by   curlyqty
    I am getting ready to start studying for the TEAS along with starting back to school. Did you go to the ATI site for the study material or go off of eBay or Amazon? Do you recommend any other study materials? What was your way to attack it?
  5. by   texas_girl
    @curlyqty, I purchased the bundle from ATI for like $100 with express shipping- it came with the study guide book and 2 online exams. I think it was worth every penny. The online tests were set up exactly as the real test was, so by the time it was exam day, I had a little less anxiety about taking it. The practice tests in the book are also very similar to the exam itself and are very helpful. I answered every question in the practice book. I read every page. If you do the same, you should do great Really focus on the science section- there were a lot of specifics on the exam about body systems, chemistry questions, cell structure, etc. I studied that section until my eyes hurt, and only missed 2 questions. The math was pretty simple, even for me- I do not really like math. Really brush up on the grammar section- I thought that I was using grammar correctly in most instances, but apparently not lol. That was my lowest scoring section (still a 90 though). Good luck!!
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  6. by   AddisonLawrence03
    do we have to remember the metric system for the math section??? or is it provided on the exam??

    I find the ATI guide very helpful, finally I understand how to do word problems. I had bought previous books on how to do it, but they don't tell you WHY that particular method is being used. Now I know what formula to use for each type of word problem. I am going to memorize it.

    I hope I do well.
  7. by   texas_girl
    @addison- they did not provide anything except for the questions, unless that item was vital to answer the question- like a reading passage, etc. They did not give me any tools to help on the math section- I used all of the scratch paper they gave me and did my best with that.
  8. by   AddisonLawrence03
    In the TEAS study guide there is a chart with a list of metric conversions are we supposed to memorize all of that ?
  9. by   texas_girl
    I believe they only asked a couple of conversion questions, but nothing too difficult. You should be safe if you know the basics- deci, centi, milli, kilo. There weren't any of the higher prefix measurements on my test.
  10. by   ACCRN2012
    Quote from texas_girl
    woohoo- i got a 94- i better get accepted to my school, or i will be very displeased lol. that ranked me as exemplary and in the 99th percentile. it said that the national average score is 63.3 and the average for nursing students is a 68.9, so if you fall close to that level, dont fret- you just might be okay :d
    hi texas_girl,

    can you please give me any tips? i am going to take the teas test for the second time because i got a 69% the first time. any tips will be greatly appreciated. i can only take the test twice a year. please email me at mzcarr28@yahoo.com.
  11. by   AddisonLawrence03
    ACCRN does your schoool want you to have higher than a 69% to get accepted?
  12. by   ACCRN2012
    Quote from addisonlawrence03
    accrn does your schoool want you to have higher than a 69% to get accepted?
    hi addisonlawrence,

    no. my school requires a 58.7% to apply for the nursing program. most of the students in my school applying for the same program are scoring in the 90s or higher.
  13. by   AddisonLawrence03
    AACRN, since you took the test before, do you remember the type of questions that were asked? Since you're familiar with the content you can just go over what you missed. At least you have an idea of what to study for now, right?