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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

  1. by   dawniepoo
    olivia, please don't be scared. It's not that bad! I went on khanacademy.org and practiced my math and science. It will help you. Make sure you practice your fractions until you know you understand them.
  2. by   olivialen1
    Thank you Dawniepoo I will check it out!!
  3. by   mala in se
    Quote from olivialen1
    Everyone is seriously scaring me to death!! I have read the science parts of the study guide til my head hurts and i still can't remember all this cell stuff! It's driving me crazy-- also I seriously HATE math and I have even been going over kids math sites online and can't get some of the fraction stuff back in my head!! I am absolutely petrified!! I did take the TEAS 4 back in 08 and did petty good ( I was put 6th on alternate list but never got a call) but the TEAS 5 practice online says 100% on reading but not good enough on the science or math.I need any advice from all these guys who got 90s! Taking the 31st ---- thanks in advance cause this is a one time shot for me. I am a CMA and CNA also graduated 6 years ago with my associates degree- 3.92 GPA-- but right now I feel down right ignorant and totally stressed!!!!!!! Did anyone out there get in with 70's? or 60's? I would love to hear from you if so cause I need all the incouragement I can get!!!! Thanks bunches!!
    i took the TEAS V back in feb and scored an 87 (98 national/95 program). i studied the ATI guide for approximately 2 weeks (2-3 hours a day) while i was in school full time. i took it w/out having finished physio, and i felt i did pretty well considering the amount of time put into studying.

    stick w/ the guide and you'll be fine.
  4. by   AddisonLawrence03
    why is there so much word math on teas?
  5. by   AddisonLawrence03
    does anyone know a good source where you can study how to solve graphing/circle percentage questions like on the teas practice test?
  6. by   cpark
    does ATI TEAS V study manual include pratice questions too (not like sample question, real format questions)?
  7. by   dawniepoo
    Yes. There are two full ones.
  8. by   texas_girl
    I took the TEAS V today. I had the study guide for a month or so, but I really buckled down on studying in the last week. It was still tough. For some reason, the reading and english/language sections terrified me, both on the practice exams and on the real test. I used every minute I was given on the reading and math portions, even though the math was not too hard, and I had a few minutes left on the science and english sections. The science was tough; they asked a lot of really specific questions about organ systems, tissues, and there were quite a few chemistry questions as well. Now I begin the nerve-wracking wait for my score :{
  9. by   RN2b23
    I take the TEAS V on Weds. Can anyone give me some insight on what I need to study the most for the Math and Reading sections?
  10. by   texas_girl
    Study main idea comprehension, writing styles, topics, themes, etc. on the reading section- they will still find some way to twist things to make it a little confusing when you read it. When you are taking the test, take your time and thoroughly read each question- they had quite a few that had one word in the question that completely changed what was being asked. For the math section, focus on fractions and simplifying algebraic equations- the rest of it was super easy ( i.e. balancing checkbooks/reconciling accounts, adding, subrtracting, and multiplying decimals, etc.). Get those things down and you should do well Good luck!
  11. by   RN2b23
    AH! Thanks Texas_girl! I've been studying the wrong things!! I've been really focusing on nth roots, rational, irrational, and real numbers and absolute values as these are the areas that confuse me BIG time!!
    How about measurement conversions?

    I haven't even started studying the Reading yet because I've going bananas over the math

    Thanks again!!
  12. by   texas_girl
    I think there was only one absolute value problem on mine, and it was fairly simple. They didn't ask and R, Rat, or Irr questions or nth roots. I had time left over to go back and recheck everything there and still finished the section with several minutes to spare. I hope you do well- study the specifics on science (specifically anatomy) because there were many very specific questions.
  13. by   texas_girl
    Woohoo- I got a 94- I better get accepted to my school, or I will be very displeased lol. That ranked me as exemplary and in the 99th percentile. It said that the national average score is 63.3 and the average for nursing students is a 68.9, so if you fall close to that level, dont fret- you just might be okay