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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a lot of Chemistry and it's been a... Read More

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    Quote from purplebm
    I did not have food webs on mine. I had naming carbons, cellular respiration, TONSSSS of chemistry, logic (if a scale is broken, how can you determine the weight of objects)....etc.
    Was the broken scale question had the one with the tennis ball too?

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    Yes, I had the tennis ball question The math is cake, they give you all of the conversions. Waste to memorize them. If anything, memorize the rules in the English section. They seem simple but I had forgotten a lot of them.
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    Quote from karentroy78
    I took the TEAS V for the first time today and I scored a 56%. Not good. I did awful in the Science section and I have been out of high school for 15 years. Does anyone know when I retake it if I scored higher the first time let's say in Math and Reading will they take them scores?
    It's different at every school. My school allows 1 test per addmission period - i.e. you have 1 shot to pass all parts just once a year! Talk about pressure!!

    To others... http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/...aspx?zpid=1175 this is the study I guide I used when I tested for the TEAS last year. It's complete and comprehensive. See the thing is, you never know the questions they will ask - for instance, I had a question asking what were the mineral in the earths crust? I mean seriously - why is this important to nursing? lol anyhow, my point being, study from a manual and get the basics because you won't be able to study and memorize everything!
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    I got an 84. I had the tennis balls question too. The math and reading was easy for me. The science was hard. But even harder was teh English and I am a college educated, natural citizen with English as my first language! Stuff like subject verb agreements, what is the correct summarization of the above three sentences, and spelling. No matter how many times you write the words on paper, they all look wrong. If I had to re-do it, which I do not thank god, I would focus on the english and science.
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    i take my TEAS exam in one week.
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    I'm reading the posts to get study advice.
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    I spent 4 days poring over the official ati study guide, took both of the practice tests that came in the back of the book, and then just went for it. I ended up with a 99th percentile score. I didn't see a single question that wasn't covered in the book. Granted it's a lot of reading to do, but the resources you need to ace this exam are there, and it's a lot cheaper at B&N than at the official website!

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    I am taking the TEAS V this weekend! I am so nervous! I have been out of school for 10 years, and this is the only chance I will have to get into the class for this year. I bought the Kaplan book, and I have been reading it over and over! Any tips?
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    Please let me know what's the best way to study for TEAS V.
    I purchased the TEAS V study manual and 2 practice tests from ATI, but still did horrible on the test.
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    Quote from Shaester
    Please let me know what's the best way to study for TEAS V.
    I purchased the TEAS V study manual and 2 practice tests from ATI, but still did horrible on the test.
    Study harder on the material in that book. I spent a week focusing on that ATI TEAS V study guide and got a 99th percentile score. I didn't see a single thing on the test that wasn't covered in the study guide somewhere.

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