What is your favorite way to study for the TEAS test?

  1. I come from an education background and I have found that group studying is the best. Who says we can't group study here? We get together here and share tips and ideas about the subject matter and how we study. So, eager pre-nursing posters, how do you study?

    Lately I have been making flashcards for myself about general math rules. The math is my weakest area and I want to SEE the formulas in my head over and over so I won't forget them. I use different colors to help my brain out a bit.

    I also prefer to go through the practice tests first and then use the guides. A bit backwards, I know, but this way I can identify my weak areas. After I finish a test, I go through the answer guide and see what they wanted me to put. I take notes and review them. This way I have a consolidated pamphlet of concepts I need to work on reviewing.

    Do you prefer study guides, practice tests, or online tests? What tips and tricks do you use?

    Please share them here! You might have an awesome idea that could really help someone out!