1. Hey all,
    I have only been apart of this site for a couple weeks now and have finally gotten up the courage to post something.

    I just transferred from New Jersey to UNCW to apply to there nursing school. I applied once and did not get in due to my teas scores unfortunately, but I am trying again! I don't want to give up now that I know what I want to do for the rest of my life! Something I feel so passionate about!

    The first time I applied I had a math/science gpa of 3.56 and a non math/science of 4.0 and a horrible teas score of a 64% (( I am now taking another science course towards my nursing application and if I get an A will raise my gpa to a 3.61 and I am also taking calculus to try and replace my precalc grade of a B. I'm studying the teas with the ati guide and online exams but I just want to know I'm doing everything I can possibly do to prepare. Since I'm only aloud to take it one time per application period it needs to be an 85 or higher. The criteria of the applicants are getting stronger and I'm worried I won't get into my dream school

    If anyone has any feedback or motivation or anything at all I'm all ears!! Sorry I wrote a book lol but I am just so worried
    Thank you all!
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  3. by   sealford
    I am a first semester UNCW SON student, and I can tell you that it is awesome! The professors are all very helpful, though a bit intimidating (probably because we are all trying so hard to be perfect). If it makes you feel any better, I had a C in statistics and scored an 80 on my TEAS (I was having a rough day). I did, however, have A's in anatomy and my other related courses. I applied back in January and had my acceptance email about 2 or 3 days later. If you really want to go to this school, I say go for it. The simulation center is one of the coolest things ever and there are several professors for each class, so you do get a lot of one-on-one teaching. Let me know if you have any questions; I'd be happy to answer them.
  4. by   TaylorPaige
    Thank you so much for responding! My grades right now are A in gen bio anatomy one statistics soc ad psych and a B in chem and a B+ in anatomy two and I'm taking microbio now which I just had my first exam an feel pretty good about. I want to get into that program more than anything I transferred all the way from new jersey in hopes of getting into this school. I'm just worried the competition is getting tougher and I won't stand up to the others. I have never wanted anything more and I don't want to settle and get my Associates because I want to further my career after getting my BSN. I had a meeting with him and he told me to shoot for mid 80 on the teas but I'm just worried the test is so simple but not because of the information is from so long ago I don't remember it all especially in the language portion 😔 is there any pointers anything at all I could do other then study?
  5. by   myischmo

    Just wondering if you ended up applying to UNCW's SON for fall 2014? I haven't found anyone else that has applied. Most I know opted for CFCC.