TEAS V Test Coming Up In March...Help Please? TEAS V Test Coming Up In March...Help Please? | allnurses

TEAS V Test Coming Up In March...Help Please?

  1. 0 i am going to study my butt off to pass the teas v test but the question i have iswhat i can use to help me study. tomorrow i will be receiving"mcgraw-hill's 5 teas practice tests" but i don't know if that's goodenough to study. i don't want to spend a lot of money for the ati tests andguide if there's something else i can use that's cheaper or even better.

    *and does anyone know what specific science topics i need to study for?
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    Mine is in march, too. I have the Mcgraw Hill practice test, too & was wondering how helpful they are. The first attempt I made resulted in an 83% over all. Each subject has 2 different tests. I took the first of each subject, then totaled them up. I also bought the ATI manual & I'm just waiting for it to get here. My sister told me the easiest way to study for entrance exams, is to take as many practice tests as you can. (that's what she did for her entrance exam before law school) I'm hoping it helps. I need a 78 to be considered for the program I want to get in to...
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    thanks for replying :d i'm going to buy the ati book from barnes & noble oreven amazon. i'm so determined to do the best i can. i’m so passionate aboutnursing because i want to offer people the best care i can give them. and i amnot a great test taker so i’m definitely going on extreme study mood. since you’regoing into nursing & your sister into law school, you got smart jeans in your family lol :d good luck!! if you have any other tips, write to me here or myemail “xonikishaxo@yahoo.com”
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    [color=#ee82ee]hi xonikishaxo,

    please email me at mzcarr28@yahoo.com.
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    Taking my exam on Feb 29th! Ahhhhhh!!!! Working fulltime and coming home to take care of the kids leaves me no time to study! Suggestions?!

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