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I came to this site during my time leading up to the TEAS test, and I found it very encouraging to hear from others about their experiences. This test can be stressful, so I want to let you know what... Read More

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    I took my test today. I scored MUCH better than on the practice tests, thank god. I agree with the advice to relax. I found myself starting to freak out a little bit especially on the math. At home I sailed through the practice tests with plenty of time left. On the actual test, I was down to the wire, but I figured worrying wasn't going to do anybody any good LOL The science was wacky but I expected that. There was more reading on it (longer passages) than in the practice tests, but the questions weren't too hard.

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    Hi -

    I studied the ATI manual, McGraw Hill and bought the ATI online tests (version A and B). My thoughts are - the actual test has all the content from the study manual except the Science is much more detailed in the actual exam. Reading, Math and Grammar are pretty similar and straightforward to the ATI study manual. I did have one Math question on the Pythorgorean theorem - so know that in case! For Science, know all the material in the study manual, however, go on-line/youtube and review many of the topics in greater detail. Know mitosis and meiosis and the outcomes and how many cells are produced as a result, know scientific method/theories and critical thinking, static and kinetic energy concepts, punnett squares, chemical bonds, basic chemical equations, cellular biology/components, etc. Science is the toughest and hardest to study/anticipate in regards to the actual test. The online ATI tests are a little harder than the actual exam, the ATI manual questions are a little easier than the actual exam. For example, the reading (stories and questions) in the ATI study guide are more simple - the actual test the reading passages are much longer and the questions/answers not as simple (though not tough by any means). Overall, plan about 6 weeks of study (this is what I did) unless your a whiz in these areas. Make sure you've time yourself in taking the practice tests as this will help you in the actual exam. Lastly, sleep well, eat a good meal prior and think positive thoughts prior to taking the test!!

    Good luck.
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    I agree with these posts. Actual test was easier. I studied off and on for 2 months, then everyday 4 weeks before my exam. My 2 online scores were low 60's%; my lowest scores were science. I used the ATI and McGraw books. My actual test score was an 80.5%, scoring highest in SCIENCE!!! I couldn't believe it! I scored high enough for my nursing program requirements.

    Good Luck to everyone! Don't stress during the test! I tried to take a couple of breaths to calm my nerves, but I still couldn't stop shaking...haha
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    @songiecookie: I heard the McGraw-Hill practice are really helpful. My brother used both the ATI online tests and the McGraw-Hill tests to help him study and he got a 89% on his actual TEAS exam. I waiting for my McGraw-Hill book to come in so I can get on studying. I'm going to be taking it a 3rd time so I'm hoping for the best with this 3rd try.
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    Hello to all nursing students I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on the TEASV EXAM this is my 3rd time taking the test and OMG most of the stuff covers on the TEAS manual has nothing to do with the test specially the science part im starting to think I need to change my career but somehow im not ready to give up on this test. ive worked so hard to finish my basics not not giving up. if someone has any suggestions or tips please help I really want to pass this stupid test wich in the first place I don't know why the ATI would make the science part so hard speacially chemistry. thank you so much guys and if your taking the test best of luck to you all.
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    This is a great thread to start with:

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    I just took the TEAS today and scored the lowest in the science. I studied from no less than 6 books and felt there was STILL stuff in the science section that I had no clue about! However, the scores from my math, reading and English made up for my poor science grade. My school only weighs the English and reading score (thank goodness!!). I would suggest using a high school or first-year college biology and chemistry book. I agree that I thought ATI made the science part a lot harder than what was given in the online tests and manual.

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