TEAS V Question

  1. I cannot afford to purchase the TEAS V studyguide. Therefore, I have been scouring the internet and have come across quizlet. I have made flashcards using all the TEAS one listed here http://quizlet.com/user/mj_rios/ and also made flashcards using these http://quizlet.com/6029141/teas-v-pr...n-flash-cards/.

    If anyone could look at these, maybe just the last link since there are so many to both, and let me know if you think that covers enough, I would greatly appreciate it! I think I now have over 400 flashcards. lol I went to the TEAS site and did the little free practice exam for science 1 and didn't know quite a few. On a side note, I haven't spent a lot of time studying my flashcards yet, so hopefully that will help. I really need as high of a score as I can get so I can get in the program this fall.

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  3. by   Maulstick
    Thanks for the sites. If i find any I will share. I just found a program and only have a few weeks to study before the test.
  4. by   StephMT
    You're welcome and thanks! Please come back and let me know how helpful they were for the test. I'm going to wait until next month to take the test. I need as much study time as possible. Also, do you know after you take the test if you get your results right away or do you have to wait?
  5. by   StephMT
    Thank you so much! I'm trying to cover everything I possibly can. I'm most concerned about the science, but have made a ton of flashcards. Hopefully they will help.
  6. by   Tru_Scorpio
    Thank you for these links! I have the ATI manual and was able to find it for a fairly cheap price (about as much as the cost of the TEAS exam). It is definitely worth buying. I also have the McGraw-Hill one and it is also helpful. I found both on Amazon, used and a lot cheaper than brand spankin new ones. Good luck to you!
  7. by   StephMT
    Thank you all! Jenny, I did email you. Live.dream.smile - I'm just in a rough patch. I do medical transcription, changed jobs before Christmas and was pretty much screwed over by the company to the point that I have been with them 3 months and still haven't made (total) what I made in 1 month at my previous job. Things are going okay now, but I have bills to catch up on. I did try my local library and everything.
  8. by   babs218
    Just want to clear up that that examples I gave earlier are not from the test. They are examples I made up. I apologize to anyone reading who may have thought I was giving too much information. That wasn't my intent. I will be more careful in future posts. Thanks for the reminder.