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TEAS V Practice Test

  1. 0 Ok, so I have been studying for the TEAS V and pretty much have memorized the study guide. I have been practicing and thought I was doing pretty well until I took the online practice test. I got a 68% (OUCHH) but I kindof rush and finished with an hour and a half to spare. I shouldve gtaken my time but I got flustered. However, I thought I was very unprepared for the science section. I am very good at anatomy but there were barely any anatomy questions on the practice test! Alot of earth science...so I failed. How similar is the Practice test to the real TEAS? What should I use to study?
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    I have posted these resources a few times but here are some things that I have found useful. Outline of the TEAS exam

    http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/teas-products.aspx ATI Study Guide

    TEAS Practice Test iPhone App

    McGraw Hill TEAS Study Book

    I like the McGraw Hill and the iPhone app the best. The McGraw Hill book does a good job at explaining the details of each concept and the iPhone app is a great way to study on the go and test what you’ve learned. The app also provides answer explanations which has helped me understand why I got questions wrong and how to solve them the correct way. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Same thing happened to me!!! I took the online practice exam and got a 72! I freaked out, but ended up scoring a 93 on the real exam. The online practice exam was crazy hard.