TEAS V help please! - page 2

I'm taking the test in 2 weeks and really need help on the science portion! How hard is the the whole test its self? And any pointers on what to study for the dreaded science section??... Read More

  1. by   JBISHUN21
    I have a pdf on my phone if someone can explian how to upload it evertone can have it I dont mind its like the study guide I couldnt order the ati one not enough time for shipping psid 40 so if anyone knows how ill upload it .....
  2. by   smatrang001
    Hey, i just took the teas V on april 30th. I scored an 80. I recommend you study the science portion in your ATI book. Study DNA and chemistry. The hardest for me was chemistry. Understand scientific reasoning. I studied the stuff in the ati book and then took the sample tests. Then i used Mcgraw Hills teas V tests that had five tests that are exactly like the teas V test. I took a test every two days. then a week before the test, i took the sample test that I purchased with my ATI book on atitesting.com it was really worth it. After taking the sample tests, it gives you items you should study more on. Also, the sample test explained in detail why each answer was incorrect and correct. That helped me a lot. Just remember, it's a very tricky test, so read closely. I think 50% of the answers I answered incorrectly on the sample tests were because I wasn't paying close attention to. The only things you can really study for is the science portion. However, the reading and english portion i realized that repetition on the tests helped me greatly. Good luck on the teas V.