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I'm taking my exam in April so nervous. I've haven't been in school for 18 years. I ordered the Teas v study manual, and two of ATI test's on-line. I am very worried about the Science section. Does... Read More

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    thx-this helps alot!
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    Just thought I would post my thoughts on the TEAS V test that I just took less than an hour ago. Everyone always helps everyone out in here so here ya go...

    According to my test:

    Reading: Know primary sources, opinion, narrative, persuasive passage types, informing, main idea, themes, topic, summary sentences, logical conclusions, authors purpose, following instructions (page 25 TEAS manual), definitions in context, who offers the best product for the cheapest price problems, info from a telephone book, how to read a thermometer, following directions on a map

    I normally do not do well in this area but I made an 85.7 which I'm happy with!

    Math: order of operation, subtraction and addition, know how to multiply and divide fractions, changing from a decimal to percent (all that kind of stuff), the percent increase and decrease, estimations, reconciliation of checking or savings account (about 2-3 problems), calculating take home pay, cost for planning an event (Dinner for 32 guest at $15 per person, what is the total cost), only had one ratio problem, roman numerals, work rate problems (look this up !!!), I had measurement problems but they provided ALL the measurements I needed... didn't have to recall anything, only one problem with independent/dependent variable.

    Made a 93.9 on math... Extremely HAPPY about that!!!

    Science (the death of everyone): Know stuff about hypothesis, I only had 1-2 questions on the body descriptions, no anatomical terms, know what the surface area is for on the lungs, in the brain know what certain parts do... medulla oblongata- respiratory, vomiting etc. Study peristalsis, fertility rates and population growth/ decline, had only one problem on the classification system, adaptation, know a lot on the nucleic acids & stuff on the phosphate group, mitochondria, ribosomes, differences in prokaryotic & eukaryotic, mitosis and meiosis (g1, s, g2 phase), gametes, know photosynthesis and respiration formulas, coding for mRNA, phenotypes and genotypes, punnett squares, kinetic and potential energy & examples of them, atomic number, atomic mass, charges of protons, neutrons and electrons, catalysts, pH, a lot on covalent and ionic bonds, chemical properties of water, stuff on liquid/gas/solids, and evaporation.

    Like everyone says it's soooo broad that you could never study enough for this section! I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M and I made a 62.5!! Best of luck to everyone on this part!

    English and Language: In a sentence know how to point out an adjective or adverb, definitely study subject-very agreements, first, second, and third person, grammar style and clarity, simple sentences, organized and logical paragraphs, sentence fluency... I feel like I had a lot of these, I had 2 questions on spelling, maybe 3-4 on capitalization, quite a bit on when to use semicolons, colons, and commas, a few questions on quotation marks and apostrophes.

    I hate english and I made a 66.7 not happy about that but it has always been a tuff subject for me haha. I am more of a math person. My advice for this would be... go back to 3rd grade? LoL

    If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me.
    Hello, is a lot of word problems in your math section? Also, science is killing me because is many things to remember. What about physics? Thank you