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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big difference? If so what are the... Read More

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    I am taking the teas on April 2nd and I was wondering if you guys thought the practice tests were harder or easier than the actual test? I took the two practice tests in the ATI book and got 86% and 83% respectively and then I took the online ATI practice test and got a 78% because of the science and grammar sections. I studied by weak points in between each test and I got worse and worse scores each time

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    I thought the practice test online were much harder than the actual test. I feel it help you manage your time wisely. Reading, math and english are about equal science is much harder. Where are you applying to? Good Luck. You should do great if you did well on the practice test. Just be aware of your time.
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    Yeah, I agree the online test was a bit more challenging. Science is real crucial in that area...I believe there were like 58 science questions or something like that. I hope my results will keep me in the acceptance category..
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    I am applying to CSN this summer for the Spr 12 cohort. Actually I have relaxed a bit because I realized with the point system that as long as I get at least a 64% adjusted score I should still be accepted because of the amount of points I have already. Yay but I would still like to get at least an 85% or up for my ego's sake lol. Thanks for the quick reply btw
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    I took the TEAS V in February and scored proficient. I was petrified that I wouldn't get in but my GPA was high. And I just got my acceptance letter to GPC today! I am so happy!
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    Welp just in case you were wondering I passed with a 90.7%!!!! The science was so random and the chemistry and physics was out of left field as usual. But I did better than I expected!! yay for passing the teas!
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    Quote from slinkyheadCNA
    Welp just in case you were wondering I passed with a 90.7%!!!! The science was so random and the chemistry and physics was out of left field as usual. But I did better than I expected!! yay for passing the teas!
    Hi! Was the actual test anything like the ATI practice test?
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    Hi! Was the actual test anthing like the ATI practice test?
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    I just ordered the ati TEAS V study manual and one online practice test form A tonightfrom ATI after reading various comments on this discussion board. I also registered and joined allnurses tonight. I take the TEAS V just a little over a month from now and I'm nervous. I did not do that well last Dec on the math and science portion of TEAS IV. However, I did not put enough time and effort to prepare and I was more focused on my pre-req courses that semester. I'm not taking any classes this summer (health reasons) but I've been having a hard time focusing. I've been studying/reviewing some of the math and science. While I'm waiting for my TEAS V manual I will be reviewing my A&P topics, chemistry topics (I saw mentioned on the blog tonight) and Using my math book and notes for practice also. I have more time on my hand so I look forward to coming back and and letting you all know that I did much better than last time! Thank you all for taking time to share valuable info. You all have helped me get motivated again! I really needed that. If anyone else who has recently taken TEAS version V please share your experience and any good advice. It all helps!!
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    I'm completely shocked to hear that ANYONE passed TEAS V. To hear anyone describe the test as "not that hard" is also amazing. I took the test twice. . .passed all but the reading comp section on my first try (shy by 2 points). I'll preface all of this by saying that I have 2 previous college degrees in non-science math fields. I took 4 semesters of math pre-reqs to get up to speed (solid A's in all). The college (Harrison) that I was trying to get into rolls the Anatomy and Physiology and Chemistry into the program to I haven't had those classes before. I studied my butt off for the TEAS. . .3 hours a night for a month prior. I scored high on English and Math. . .barely scooted by on Science. The reading comp is tough and subjective. I reviewed the reading comp practice tests with a some friends who are profs at other universities and they had a difficult time with it. I have 2 friends who are practicing nurses. . .one who went through a tough, private university less than 4 years ago and is a successful nurse now. She wasn't required to take a TEAS test at all. Another friend who is currently going through a nursing program but well into it took TEAS IV and said it was much easier than TEAS V. Again, she's successful in her program and doing well. After I came up short the second time I spoke with the admissions counselor about the test and he said very few pass it. . .so few that Harrison doesn't even have enough to fill their program. He also said they are "considering a change in the test." If you passed TEAS V count yourself very fortunate. You're one of the few. As I mentioned, I have 2 previous college degrees and the hurdles required to get into nursing school are crazy. I understand tough curriculum, but just getting in is nearly impossible. . .and unnecessarily so.

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