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I have a question,is the TEAS test one big test..For example say I take the TEAS V at one school and go take it(TEAS V) at a different school, will both schools have the same test questions..Will it be the same test with the same... Read More

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    Wow, the exact same test? That really limits the validity of the test taking system that is ATI, and I guess thats why my school doesn't put too much behind the TEAS test.

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    Yes, it was exactly the same. When I viewed my results it even said teas v form B next to each of my attempts. However, it was over a month in between and I didn't expect to have the same test so I don't know how much it really helped. I studied a lot more the second one and improved my score by 10%.
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    Quote from my2girlskk
    Just so you know, if you go to the ATI website, you can send your teas transcript to multiple schools. But if you're trying to improve your score, I understand that! If you do better you could send the new score to the first school. Btw, I took it twice and had the exact same test. Hth!
    Thank you
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    Hi ladies. I'm taking the teas test over too. My test version was 4. I got a overall score of a 64.7. I did really terrible in the science (55) and math(51). In the math section I ran out of time. I'm taking it over April 1 at Technical College of the Low Country in South Carolina. I also have the same question. Will they give the same test.
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    I took it twice and it was a different test; different questions altogether.
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    Did u take version 4 or 5?
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    Version 5.
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    My school isn't switching to version 5 until after April 1. I've been studying really hard so I hope I do better.
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    What kind of science questions did you have?
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    human body science, life science, earth and physical science, and scientific reasoning

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