TEAS Test Friday

  1. I took the test on Friday with a score of 80.7%. Two of the schools I have applied to require it, the other two don't. All I have to say is study, study, study the science part. That was by far the hardest for me.
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  3. by   givemeu1

    I still haven't received my scores and have been refreshing the ATI website like mad all day today, due to the instructor stating that the scores will be posted today. Our college is still using the scan tron sheets that you bubble in the answers on, then they send to ATI.

    I absolutely agree about the science part. If you've been out of school for sometime and even if you haven't, I would really brush up on it. It was tough and I found myself guessing at most of the answers. It was harder than the ACT, IMO. Good Luck into getting into the program of your choosing.