TEAS TEST? can anyone answer a few questions?

  1. Hello all this is my first posting and hoping someone can help me out a little bit., I know this is a nursing forum but i am currently a student at Valencia taking the pre-reqs for dental hygiene and sooner than i think i need to take the TEAS test. if your already in some type of health field at VCC you had to take the test and was wondering how difficult it really is :/ there are usually 90 applicants and only 25 get accepted so i really want to do well. any adivce, study guides or etc would really help me. Thanks guys

    Talia O, 20 yrs old and VCC student
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  3. by   Katsmeow

    The TEAS is similar to the ACT or SAT. It has four sections: reading, math, science and English. The study manual from ATI is great and for additional practice I also supplemented with McGraw hill's "5 teas practice tests". The reading and english is pretty straightforward. Math is all by hand and algebraic concepts (proportions, ratios, adding/subtracting, to name a few). Science is pretty broad but heavy on biology concepts with some Chem and scientific reasoning thrown in. My biggest advice is to watch your time and pace yourself!
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    I would recommend getting the study book. There are a lot of concepts that I learned long ago that I had to refresh upon. But yes, it is similar to the ACT...shorter and easier though in my opinion.
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    Thank you for your reply ! They only accept 25 students a year and more than 90 apply! I need to do great on this exam!
  7. by   angie2424
    I agree with the comments above. I also found an iphone app for the TEAS test that helped a lot. I was able to take a few practice questions while I was in between classes or before I went to bed each night. I'm not sure if you have an iphone but if you do here is the link.

    Good Luck on the test.