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  1. I'm taking my TEAS test tomorrow and I'm nervous as heck! Wondering what everyones experience was the first time around. Any advice? Any & all information is appreciated!
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  3. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Well I've taken the test two times. The first time I took it with no studying, and no science prereqs done. I know, what was I thinking. I got an 80. Then I took it a couple of weeks ago with about 3 weeks of study. Got an 86. I think that's an ok score, but since I'm allowed three tries I'm taking it one more time on Friday. Another 6% increase would be nice! My advice is pay attention to time. I think for the most part there was plenty of time for all sections except math. If you don't work quickly on that section you will run out of time. The reading was pretty easy and the English was easier than I thought. Math is basic too just be quick. Don't be too thrown off by the science section because it will be very random. I'm scoring 90's in all the subjects but science. Anyways, good luck and let me know how it goes. Especially on the science section!
  4. by   picklemouse
    Good luck! I am taking mine next week.
  5. by   albouchee
    Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, I didn't do as good as I had hoped I completely bombed the science portion. I studied anatomy and literally had 45 anatomy questions on my test! The rest was mostly chemistry (I haven't had a chem class in nearly 10 years). My school only allows on test per semester and the application deadline is tomorrow so sadly, I won't have the option to retest. I got low 90s for the writing and reading parts and a 78 for math. I thought the rest of the test was a breeze and finished each section early. So disappointed in myself for doing as poorly as I did on the Science portion. I think I blew my chances for getting into the LPN program =/