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I am scheduled to take my TEAS test on the 30th of this month. I was not able to study to much before now due to all my time being used for the A&PII class. I did purchase the AIT TEAS study manual version 5.... I just took my... Read More

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    65.3% on my teas and my school requires 67.0

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    darn, sorry to hear that. I take mine this coming Monday, I'm concerned about the science and getting odd-ball questions on psychics and quantum mechanics. Did you have any: "work, energy, force, acceleration, momentum, speed, gravity, Ohms, voltage, circuits, charge, current, resistance, conduction, capacitance, waves, amplitude" questions ??????

    also: any

    Astronomy ? planets, electromagnetism, atmosphere etc
    Geology ? soil, rocks, plates, etc
    plants/flowers? ie anther, stamen, style, pistil

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    Man, you were so close!! Sorry to hear about your school. It seems the whole process is frustrating. ;( I take my test next Thursday and I am freaking out. Do you remember what kind of things were on the test in regards to each specific section?
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    I'm sorry you didn't make it does your school offer a remediation plan?
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    1) Acceleration and gravity question--- none of the others-- I had a lot of electrons, neutrons and chemicals on mine
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    I had tons of electron and chemical questions on mine-- electronegtivity, dense type questions,
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    Sadly no . A college down the street from me only requires a 60 to get into the program but its only for an associates degree and this school I attend now is for a Bachelors .. I am thinking about staying where I am and retesting in February. I was speaking to the lady who gave the test and I mentioned it was the Chemistry that hurt me and she was shocked that my adviser had me take the test before Chemistry... Oh well, I take it next term so it should not stump me again!!! Pray that they don't change the versions of the test-- so I can use my study manual to continue to study.

    Math was super easy and that was the one I was worried about. Reading was okay, English was normal ( asking what was a adverb, verb.... etc)... I had no anatomy on the science--- no mitosis or meiosis, A few questions on the sun and the effects on earth and tons of electrons, neutrons, electronegatively, dense etc.
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    Has anyone been accepted to BSHP with a 70% TEAS score?
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    After having to take a year or so off to help with my mother ( she went into kidney failure in Jan 2013 and has moved in with me so I can do her dialysis treatments), I enrolled back in the fall of 2013 and took my chemistry. BUt I am happy to say that I just took my Teas on March 21, 2014 and I received a passing grade of 72.7 !!!! My program requires a 67 and the first time I took it I got 65.7..... So I should be getting my acceptance letter in the mail at the end of April......

    This site has helped me so much -- by following what others had used to study--- Thank you all very much !!!!
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