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TEAS failed 3rd time - page 2

Does each school have different max of takes for the test? I failed again and it was my 3rd. I took the first one at a different school and two on same college. :( I feel depressed man.. I feel like... Read More

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    Even with the ATI study book you have to study a bit more....a bit more A&P, a bit more Life Sciences. The best advice I got was to make sure I read the answers twice. Use the study guide online tests to get comfortable with the 'timed' part of the tests, and remember to take a mental break between the tests themselves, don't rush in and hit 'next' because the button is there.
    I didn't do great (only an 80% on the sciences), but I got a 91% in the reading and 90% in the grammar section. Overall, my test score was only a 73.3%.....it was good enough to get into the ADN program, but I know it is not good enough to be the nurse I want to be, so I have to keep trying. I could only afford to take the test one time, so I have to do alot better in the classes.....and I will try my best.
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    Any advice for the Reading and Science sections? I kept scoring low on these two (but I score higher on the Science than the Reading section).