1. Sorry if this has been asked I am new to the forum. I need to take both. Which study guide is best? The last date to take the HESI is October 21st. The TEAS dates are around the same times.

    Since I haven't taken college algebra, A&P, etc in many years I want to wait until I have taken some of those again. (For the school, these courses expire after 5 years)

    I need at least high 70s on the TEAS for a chance to get into the LPN program, the minimum is around 56, but those scores don't get in. The GPA is just a minimum and if you meet that entrance goes 100% by TEAS score.

    I have to score at least 75 on each section of the HESSI to apply. I would like to score as high as possible to get more points. The program is just starting, so I have no idea what types of scores get in.

    I only have 1 shot at each test. They can only be taken once each semester and I will not be ready to take it this semester, so it would just be a waste of money I think.
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