Taking the TEAS in 5 days

  1. 0 Hi everyone, some last minute decisions have resulted in taking the TEAS on very short notice. I took the TEAS a year ago with studying flash cards and did not score very highly (76%.) I was wondering what has helped you study or prepare and get the highest scores because I need my studying to be as concise as possible. I don't have time to buy and ship a book.

    -in desperate need of help...
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    hi SFC2013hopeful,

    It's possible to score well on the teas test if you generally retained most of your knowledge in converting percentages and beginning algebra. in the reading section, you'll find that you'll have to interpret passages and understand fully what is being said, in order to answer questions correctly. English portion tests on proper sentence structuring, grammar, and spelling. Sciences have the longest time amount given (55min.) and is usually difficult for some students. Know your chemistry i.e. acids and bases, know the difference between energy, i.e. kinetic vs. potential, also know basic biology: taxonomy, i.e. phylum kingdoms, species, etc.. and of course anatomy and physio stuff.. some micro. It's definitely doable, but keep in mind if you're just studying now for this TEAS V (not IV) it is totally different and harder. People spend at least a month in preparation for this test to just be in the 80th percentile.

    sidenote** I know you mentioned you had no choice, but just in case you didn't know, some schools only accept two attempts at the TEAS test. So if you already took one, you might want to consider in these next five days if rushing this test or waiting out a year and studying for it and getting a better score is right for you. hope this helped.
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    I just took the TEAS on Jan 26th I started studying right before Christmas, but I didn't study for about 2 weeks before the exam (except I did study for about 2 days before the exam). What section(s) are you struggling with? The post above me did a good job of breaking down each section for you. For me, when studying, i was most nervous about the math and science sections.

    Math is the one section you really can't guess at, so be sure you know basic algebra, percentages, fractions, etc.

    For other areas of life science/human biology, check out an AP Biology prep book from your local library. I glanced over it for two nights before the exam, and it really helped.

    Good luck, and it's totally doable if you're dedicated and remain calm during the exam!
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    Thank you both very much!

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