Taking the TEAS again for the 3rd and final attempt....are they the exact same test?

  1. I took the TEAS in April with ever looking at the book or studying a single bit. Needless to say I failed. My program insist that we get 75 or better to apply to the program and I missed it by 3 points. Then in the summer I took it again and this time tried to "randomly study" the ATI study manual. I improved 25 points on 3 sections and dropped a whole 20 POINTS on Science this time for a net gain of 5 points (now I had 76!) Woooohoooo I PASSED but only by one point

    The one thing that struck me as the most, was that the questions seemed ALL the same as the 1st attempt. My friends took it in the same week as me and we all got together to compare questions and they TOO had the same questions. Do you really get the same test over and over?

    So this time I am DEAD SERIOUS and have studied for at least 20 hours +. I want a better score than just 1 point above the requirement to be COMPETIVE!

    I just joined allnurses today and seen the many ways we can help eachother. If you can let me know your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Candi7882
    Well I have been studying this book for the last month and i had to rest cause it like i know the whole book from front to back, but i still feel like im not gonna past!!! Im taking the exam for the first time on the 22nd and my school said i need at least a proficient to pass but i wanna aim high than that!!!
  4. by   chorkle

    No, not always the same test.

    I've been told there are two versions of the test, but other evidence suggests a given test is drawn from a test bank of thousands of questions.

    Good luck, in any case.
  5. by   kabooski
    I doubt it; it should have a bank of questions that get shuffled around via the software.
  6. by   k78frem
    when you took the test the first time and failed, how long did you wait, until you took it again?